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Wise Self

Who is the observer?

Who is the one experiencing this life?

Who is the witness who is able to stand back and detach?


If you were to give yourself advice and really listen

With unconditional love...

What would that advice be?

The intuition is waiting deep within.


It is like we have a treasure chest inside our hearts.

Jewels with many facets, pearls of wisdom…

And yet, we think we don’t have the key.

We leave the heavy lid closed

We are afraid to look within. To observe our own life.


The impermanence, the fleeting nature of time

Should shake us awake

Should make us aware, but we forget

We are only here for a moment.


How can we access our deep intuition, our deep knowing?

Embodying our wisdom

Owning our wisdom?


Acquiring the power to look within

Is like tuning in to a new channel

It may not be clear at first

But with patience and practice and deep listening

The wisdom will emerge

And the treasures will spill right out of your chest

From the center of your heart.

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