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Spiral Heart Yoga 

Yoga is...

A dynamic dance of breath and movement

A river flowing through body, mind and spirit

A path of kindness, compassion, joy and balance

A beam of truth and light

And for each of us, in our own way, the journey home.

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Spiral Heart Yoga Weekly Class Schedule 


Times are listed in Pacific Time Zone

Spiral Heart Yoga Community, La Canada, CA

Saturday 8:30-9:45am – Yoga Basics and Beyond - in person and on zoom with Peggy

Monday 6:00-7:15pm - Gentle Yoga Flow - all levels welcome-in person and on zoom with Peggy

Friday 6:00-7:15pm- Community Yoga with a variety of teachers: Rachel Hansen, Heather Gross, Avry Budka, Jennifer Dall, Ronna Harris and Kim Sautter.

In-person classes held at:

The Nourishing Spirits Center

808 Foothill Blvd. La Canada CA 91011 

(on the lower campus of St. George's Church)

Plenty of free parking along side.


Spiral Path Yoga Center, La Crescenta, CA

It was my great honor and privilege to teach at Spiral Path Yoga Center under the leadership of Addie deHilster from 2016-2021. After the studio’s physical space closed, we continued to offer 200 hour yoga teacher training online through Spiral Path Yoga School. I welcome Spiral Path students to continue to study with us. 

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What yoga means to me...

In Sanskrit the word yoga means “to yoke”, and it is commonly translated as “union”.  At one level,  yoga practices help us unify mind and body, head and heart, breath and awareness.  On a deeper level, the seemingly separate aspects of our being begin to reveal a glimpse  of our true nature. Seeing our true nature, our essence,  helps to free our minds from limitations, while opening us to our life’s purpose and deepest desires.

I found my way to yoga after many years of teaching and performing in dance. My heart was at home as a dancer, but as is common with dancers, I drove my body hard, and the years of wear and tear left me feeling broken, especially in my knees.


I immersed myself deeply in the study of yoga, first strictly as a physical practice to soothe and heal the body.  What I soon found was that the spiritual teachings and the philosophy were healing me on another level.  My teachings are grounded in the lineage of the Himalayan Masters and the deep ancient wisdom of Sri Vidya Tantra as provided by my master teachers. 

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