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Yoga Mindfulness & Planning Services

Our services include yoga, mindful practices, labyrinth/walking meditation, professional development and Strategic Planning for Arts Education K-12.  All of the services are meant to reconnect the heart and mind in pursuit of wellbeing for self and community.

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Why Mindful Strategies?

I know that worrying about tomorrow takes aways today's joy.  I know all that.  But it's hard to put into practice sometimes...CBH


When I hear things like this my heart expands with so much compassion.  We are all juggling so much.  As we move through all of the different ages and stages of our lives, cultivating self-compassion and loving-kindness for ourselves and others, can become a true foundation.


The Mindful Strategies offered here are ways for individuals to enter into that space of peace.  There are also ways for community to come together in K-12 Education, bringing a mindful approach to Strategic Planning for Arts Education and Mindfulness for Classrooms.  All of these ways unite the breath, the body, the mind and the spirit.  Moving from a place where we are disconnected to a place of reconnection, we reclaim ourselves, our communities and our world. Join me on this profound journey.



Practice together in community.

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Deepen your practice with workshops for yoga, mindfulness and labyrinth.


Arts Education Strategic Planning

Access one on one and group coaching for

planning and mindful practices in classrooms.

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Discover walking meditation as a path to peace.


Mindful Creativity

Engage in mindful movement, mindful music, and explore your artful self

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