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To Meet Myself Again

It's easier to steer a moving car than a parked one

Stuckness clings with a residue

Moving feels liberating

Avoidance may beget terror

But busyness soothes the wound

Stopping, parking can be rough.



Self. Small-Making. Shrinking.

The lights go off, I hide.

Only alive when I am putting on the show.

Shape shifting. Mesmerizing.

Just get your footing.

It can be a marathon to catch up to the promise.


Throw the rope-call “on belay!”

One step at a time, the summit is reached.

Play the blues.

Fry the fish on Fridays.

Dreams collide into real life.


Just steps along the way.

Stuff your clothes into black trash bags

Dressing for the show,

I meet myself again,

For the first time.

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