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Spin Cycle

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Self doubt rises

Life is messy

I wish I could just put it all into the

Washing machine


The cycle may need to be cold

Or hot, gentle or delicate

It might need to be sorted

Or made smaller in size


What if I could put every emotion

Every fear

Every whisper of disdain

Into the washer

And simply walk away


Letting it churn

Letting it agitate

Letting it wash away

The anxiety, the distress

The fear of the next catastrophe


I would wait and listen

For the relief of the spin cycle

The water squeezed out

The soap suds all gone

Completely drained and released


Each piece to be carefully removed

To lay flat or hang high

Or to toss to the next machine

For another pass


Finally at the end of the day

It’s all fresh and renewed

The fragrance beckons

The cycle complete

Whispering, start again.

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